Tape meassure 5 m x 19 mm

Professional MID II-class tape meassure with unique TriLock system

The tape meassure is made in sturdy ABS-casing with extra shock-proof anti-slip rubber protection.

The blade is nylon coated for longer lifetime and is with metric scale in large letters for higher visibility. The hook on the blade is equipped with magnets.

The TriLock system contains of three locks: The standard top lock that locks the blade in any chosen position and also two Slip-and-let-go locks, one on the side and one on the bottom.

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Tape meassure
• 5 m x 19 mm
• TriLock
• Nyloncoated blade
• Metric scale
• magnetic anti-slip hook
• MID II-class
• ABS casing
• Extra Anti-Slip rubber protection