We are proud suppliers of tools and hardware for the most skilled professionals all over Europe.

Rooted in Scandinavia, STACO is built on principles for excellent product quality. We know that professional users set the highest standards for their own work. To meet these standards, only tools of the highest quality are good enough.


You can count on STACO. We know just how important it is to you, that you can trust the quality of the tool in your hand. Having confidence in the tool increases the quality of the work – and the joy of working.

Since STACO was founded in 2005, product quality has been our main priority. Today, we are counted among the strongest brands in our field. We have only managed to achieve this position because the quality of our products matches the highest international standard for professional use.


We say that two minds are better than one. Cooperation and exchange of experience is an integrated part of the STACO DNA. We are in constant dialogue with all our selected partners: Both the ones behind the selling counters and the ones using the tools on the construction sites along with our selected factories all over the globe.

By listening to their experience, we are gathering the knowledge needed to optimize our products even more. This is a key part of keeping our rank as one of the construction business’ most reliable brands.


The construction business is in constant development. New standards are set for form, functionality, and sustainability. This also places new and higher demands for the tools being used.

The STACO products are being developed and designed in close collaboration with only the best and leading factories, based on the input we get from the end-users every day. We are extremely focused on the detail of every single product, and we set the highest standards for quality, functionality, ergonomics, and innovation.


We only have this one Earth – so we are committed to preserving it. As a player on the international market, we recognize our responsibilities for both climate and environment – and we are constantly working on minimizing our effect on both.

As a specific example, we have taken precautions for substances harmful to the environment in our products. In effect, this means, that for instance, the STACO tarpaulins have a REACH declaration and reference to European environmental rules stated on the packings. You can read more about REACH here.

In addition to our commitment to the REACH-regulation, we are working intensely with our wide network of factories to decrease our carbon footprint by minimizing the use of plastics in our packings.