STACO FLEX Tarpaulin

STACO Flex is an extremely hardy tarpaulin produced to cope with tasks of industrial character.

The tarpaulin has a very high tensile strength due to the extra heavy wire mesh.

The specially reinforced corner pieces (fitted with stainless steel pins) ensures the tarpaulin.

The STACO FLEX tarpaulin eyelets are made of rugged polycarbonate that makes the tarpaulin resistant to winds up to gale force.

The tarpaulin is UV-resistant and withstands temperatures from -30 to 72° C

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STACO FLEX Tarpaulin
• For industrial use
• Super powerfull wiremesh
• Double laminated
• Extra robust rivet mounted corner reinforcements
• Flexible eyelets in polycarbonat
• UV-resistant
• Withstand temperatures from -30° till 72° C
• In compliance with the European REACH Regulation

NB: All measurements are cutting sizes and may vary slightl

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